Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pumping in Prayer

Posted by Garrick Garcia

So there’s been a recent sharp drop in U.S. gas prices, from an average of $4.00 a gallon to $3.80. I guess that’s a pretty big drop, and Rocky Twyman knows just how it happened.

Twyman, 59, started the group Pray at the Pump back in April, holding meetings nationwide at gas stations to hold hands and pray for lower gas prices. Celebrating their success, the group sang "We shall overcome," changing the words of the hymn to "We'll have lower gas prices".
"We don't have anybody else to turn to but God," Twyman told the BBC. "We have
to turn these problems over to God and not to man."
It really is a shame that they’ve given up on human endeavors, turning to an invisible someone who’s failed billions of times before.

The group is quite confident that market forces had nothing to do with lowering gas prices, and that it was their actions that caused the drop. Prayer at the Pump will continue their meetings in hopes to reduce gas prices even further.
"We believe not just in prayer - because we believe that faith without works is
dead. So we've encouraged people to car-pool more and organize their days more,
because it's a combination of faith with these other factors."
But wait, didn’t they just say man couldn’t solve these problems? Never mind, at least they’re trying.

Well, isn’t that just dandy? I guess prayer must really work! Or not! I wonder why god couldn’t have reduced gas prices down to an even lower price! Why not make it free and create an abundance of fuel? Also, I’m sure there were fluctuations in price between April and now, what took god so long? Maybe they had bad reception.

This all just shows a shining example that if you pray and you get the result you want, you may rejoice in how much it “worked,” given that it something that actually may happen with or without your dialogue with they sky. If you don’t get what you want, your prayers just aren’t being “answered” right away and you keep on truckin’. Either way, you win.

If someone’s going to pray for some solution to fuels, maybe someone should pray for an unlimited, clean, and free source of energy. Then, if it falls out of the sky, maybe I’ll reconsider about the effects of prayer.

Credited article to the BBC.


Sam said...

Ever see the vid about praying to a jug of milk? ("The best optical illusion in the world" youtube).

It's like that.

Garrick Garcia said...

Ah, yes from the infamous, I love that site!! Yeah, it exactly like that. If any of you haven't seen it, here's the link:

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