Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Faith vs. Evidence

One of the Christians that was arguing with me while I was passing out flyers yesterday was was saying things like "it requires a huge amount of faith to accept that the big bang happened... to accept that we all started from a single celled organism... what do you think about that, atheist?? God could have created the earth five seconds ago, and could have planted the evidence that the earth is 5 billion years old! Isn't God awesome??"

No, it doesn't require any faith to accept those scientific findings, since we have evidence for them. Masses of evidence. What requires tons of faith to accept is the claim that an all-powerful supernatural being created the universe and cares about what we think about him/her/it and plays a role in everyone's life, and has human needs and emotions, and that all this is explained in a book written thousands of years ago by desert nomads. It's evidence vs. the Genie theory of everything.

This new video from Qualiasoup tackles this misunderstanding of what it means to have evidence as opposed to having faith in something.


Chris said...

Wow, that video is very nicely done. Kudos for posting it here. Also, good job on the website (Sam?).

Sam said...

QualiaSoup always has such great videos... I have to catch up and watch them all some time.

Thanks! The site was my summer project. I think it turned out pretty well.

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