Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Got My Copy!

(See our previous post, Objections to Ray Comfort's Foreword to Darwin's On the Origin of Species, for a member-submitted rebuttal to Comfort's creationist introduction)

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's corrupted copies of Darwin's Origin of Species got passed out at UCSB today! (Apparently not every university team had plans to go in a day early, so we got our books on the original planned date). SURE was ready - we passed out counter flyers from Don't Diss Darwin, distributing them to most of the people who got a book. At least one of the people passing the books out was actually very nice, and graciously welcomed our counter-efforts. The other main hander-outer was a little less welcoming, trying to dodge away from our main horde, but everyone was on good terms.

It seemed like there were lots of people getting the book who either knew about Ray Comfort's foreword, or just laughed when they found out it was a creationist introduction. All in all, I don't think this stunt will have the effect intended by Comfort and Cameron, at least at Santa Barbara.

Here I am with my copy:

Sam reading Comfort's Introduction

They still had plenty of copies when I left, and said they might be back at it tomorrow, but it was just a maybe. We'll keep an eye out.

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